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How can I update my bank account and other financial information?

If you have any changes you can email us at support@moneylion.com any time. You can also call us and we will be happy to help you. You can also make changes online under My Account Tab by logging into your account at www.moneylion.com

Note that any changes made during an active loan will not affect the active loan - you were approved for your loan based on the information provided on your application at that time.

Note that if your application is in Pending Status any changes you make will not affect the pending application and are only applicable towards your next application. To make changes on a pending application you must call us and we will make the changes on your behalf.

If you need to change bank accounts in the middle of a loan due to having to suddenly switch banks, having to close an old account, or another credible reason you will need to provide proof of the new accounts validity. For more details on this, call us at the number listed on top of this page.


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