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What if I'm late on a payment?

Payments that are 15 or more days late will incur a late fee of either 5% of the due payment or $25 - whichever is greater.
You can avoid late fees altogether by making up a missed payment before it is more than 15 days past due. You can do this by calling our support staff at 1-888-659-8244. This can also be done under the loan tabs of our site on your own.

We understand that life is unpredictable and from time to time you may miss a payment. If you miss one payment but have a history of making other payments on time, we may waive the late fee on a one-time basis for being a valuable customer. If you work with us, we will work with you.

Note that you may only make up one missed payment via the site. If you've missed multiple payments in a row you will need to contact us directly.


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